We are pleased to announce that Corinthians club nights will be restarting on Tue 8th Septmber 2020. Given the current situation arrangements will be very different this season. Please read the information below carefully

1There will be no membership fee for the 2020-2021 season. This only applies to existing members who were fully paid up last year. Any new members will have to pay our normal season subscription.
2Club night sessions will be “pay as you go”.
3We may ask you for a £15 fee in January if we need to pay badminton England subscriptions.

Playing arrangements
1There will be three 2 hour sessions per week provided for club play at Ipswich School..
• Tue 20:35 – 10:30
• Thu 19:00 – 20:55
• Thu 21:05 – 23:00
2Each member will be able to book a maximum of 2 sessions per week.
3The cost of each 2 hour session will be £5.00.
4There will be a maximum of 24 people per session.
5At the beginning of the session you will be split into groups of 6 people per court and you must stay in that group of 6 on the same court for the entire session.
6Session timings are critical and you must leave the hall promptly at the end of a session and not enter before the start of the session.
7We have allowed 5 minutes at the start/ end of sessions to allow us to clean equipment and prepare for the next session.

Booking sessions
1For next week (8th/ 10th Sep)we are using the Badminton England Playwaze system as previously mentioned. We know that there are issues with this system and if you are struggling to book a session then please contact Glenn or Adam and we will book your session.
2After next week we will be switching to a more reliable system which will also allow you to pay online for sessions at the time that you book them.

Staying safe during sessions
1Prior to entering the hall you must sanitise your hands using the facilities at the entrance.
2When entering the hall, benches will be laid out on both sides of the hall. Please ensure your bag is kept apart from anyone not in your household.
3Ensure that the shuttles allocated to the court you are playing on stay on your court. If a shuttle from a neighbouring court lands on your court just flick it back with your racket.
4After each game sanitise your hands. Each court will have a bottle of sanitiser, wipes, kitchen roll and waste bag.
5Handshaking, High fives at the end of a game are not allowed.
6The committee will name a Covid Officer for each session – that person will ensure the above rules and guidelines are adhered to.

Other matters
1There will be no league badminton until at least January.
2We are all volunteers and trying our best under challenging circumstances. We would ask that you work with us on this and be understanding if you have issues at a session. Specifically we would ask you to be tolerant of the makeup of the group of 6 that we allocate you to.
3We will be reviewing the 3 weekly sessions and if it is not working financially we will have to change what we do. The success of the sessions relies on them being reasonably full (24 people).
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